A Guide to Choice Home Warranty’s Renewal and Cancellation Policies

Choice Home Warranty's Renewal and Cancellation Policies

Being a homeowner comes with its fair share of responsibilities and home warranty is one great way to ease one from the burden of unexpected repairs. Choice Home Warranty is a leading home warranty for homeowners, who are looking to protect themselves from unanticipated costs of their home appliances and system failures.

As you set out on your journey with Choice Home Warranty, it is important to be armed with knowledge on how to go about renewing or canceling the policy. This comprehensive coverage guide gets into details of the renewal and cancellation policies presented by Choice Home Warranty for you to be able to make a more informed choice in the process, to ensure that your home remains constantly protected.

Renewal Policy

Renewal with Choice Home Warranty is hassle-free, as they don’t auto renew their coverage upon the completion of the original contract period. Their flexible renewal policies make it possible for homeowners to continue enjoying their benefits. Here is an insight into what their renewal policy entails:


  • Choice Home Warranty is auto renewal for continuous coverage. At the expiration of the initial term under this agreement, unless you notify Choice Home Warranty that you wish to cancel this agreement or have other plans for warranty coverage, this policy shall be automatically renewed.
  • This feature basically offers continual protection while eliminating the need to renew coverage for homeowners every 12 months.

Renewal Terms and Conditions:

Terms and conditions for renewal may be different, and one should have a keen look at them before deciding on an extension. Such can include different coverage, changes in pricing as well as any new terms that the company is bringing to light.
Renewals are typically offered on an annual basis, so Choice Home Warranty would be bestowing upon homeowners the opportunity to basically reevaluate their situation and make changes.

The Notification Process

To keep ahead, Choice Home Warranty will generally send such a renewal notice in advance. It is essentially expected that the notice will carry information on new agreement terms and any changes that might have occurred in the existing contract as well as price rates.
These notices call for serious attention by homeowners to make an informed decision over renewing the cover.

Cancellation Policies

It is important also to know the cancellation policies for there can be situations where the homeowners may have to cancel their coverage at Choice Home Warranty. Here is an insight into the cancellation policies:

Cancellation Period:

  • Normally, Choice Home Warranty has a period within which the homeowners can terminate the terms of the policy without any penalizations. This period is mostly within the first 30 days of the contract and this allows the consumer to review what they need from the coverage.
  • Cancellation within this period usually leads to a refund of the paid premium in full, offering homeowners a risk-free trial period.

Prorated Refunds:

  • If a homeowner decides to cancel after the first 30 days, Choice Home Warranty typically offers a prorated refund. This kind of a refund is determined where the value is based on the unpaid part of the terms of coverage.
  • Some such providers may charge administrative fees or other, and hence homeowners should go through the terms and conditions carefully in order to possibly know about the specifics related to such cancellations.

Cancellation Process

Choice Home Warranty has laid an easy process of cancellation in order to guarantee homeowners a smooth run throughout the period they use it. Ideally, the cancellation is usually effected through customer service by either sending an email or making a call.
This process may last until a homeowner submits their contract number and reasons for cancellation.

Timeline of Refunds:

  • Waiting time varies upon the cancellation for a refund. Choice Home Warranty is alleged to have processed refunds shortly after cancellation however, the average waiting times for completion of those processes take within several weeks up to a month so homeowners need to keep wait time for their potential refund in mind.
  • Following up the status of the refund and communicating with the customer service should help in speeding the process.


Renewal and cancellation policies by Choice Home Warranty are effective in enhancing a positive and transparent relations between homeowners and the company. Only by understanding the options available for renewal, as well as the policy terms and conditions, and also the cancellation process, can they be in a position to reflect good health insurance choices at any one time. Understanding these policies empowers you whether you make the decision to renew for continued protection or have to cancel for whatever reason to have a home warranty experience of complete confidence and peace of mind.

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